American Tobacco Trail

The ATT is an eight mile linear park in Western Wake County that was designed and constructed in multiple phases. The park’s program needs required providing a multi-use recreation trail along an abandoned rail line with associated trailheads and parking. The project’s final planned phase for Wake County was recently completed in December 2006 with the first phase beginning in 2001. Sungate was the principal firm and the site/civil designer for the implementation of all phases and was responsible for site design, BMP design, plan production, permitting, construction administration and project management.

Bridge over Neuse River on Falls of Neuse Road

This project involved replacement of Bridge Number 19 over the Neuse River on Falls of the Neuse Road. The bridge is adjacent to the Falls Lake dam and a causeway was required for construction. The bridge includes a multi-use path separated from traffic by a concrete barrier. Sungate completed the drainage design, FEMA coordination, scour analysis, and environmental permitting for the project.

Cary Arts Center

Sungate, as a sub-consultant to Clearscapes, PA (prime architect), provided site design, stormwater management, construction drawings, and construction administration for the renovations and additions to the Cary Arts Center. The project included underground detention, bioretention areas, and other BMPs to provide stormwater quality and quantity control.

Sungate Design Group, PA as the project’s civil sub-consultant to Clearscapes, PA, provided site design and plan documentation for Demolition, Site Plan, Erosion Control, Grading, Site Utilities, Lighting and Landscape Improvements for the project site; provided stormwater quality/quantity management, design calculations including peak discharge of runoff, Nitrogen Control and BMP design and calculations for the site improvements; provided documentation for the required Town of Cary Site Plan Submittal Review, NCDENR Land Quality Section review and performed the necessary revisions for approval of submitted documentation; and conducted construction administration for the project site components

Five County Stadium

Sungate, as an associate firm, provided site design, stormwater management, construction drawings, permitting and construction administration to Clearscapes, PA (prime consultant) for the renovations and additions to the Five County Stadium located in Zebulon, NC. Project completion date was April 2004. Client’s program needs required Sungate to investigate and solve drainage concerns, pedestrian accessibility, recycled water tolerant landscape design and site upgrades coordinated with the proposed stadium renovations. Sungate’s involvement with planning and design of additional Stadium upgrades remains ongoing. In 2008, Sungate was contracted to provide design services of the stadium renovations which are currently under construction.

US 64 Knightdale Bypass Design/Build

This project consisted of 6 miles of new location 6-lane expressway from Raleigh to Wendell. The project was the first Design/Build project of this size and magnitude in North Carolina. Sungate provided sediment and erosion control design, hydraulic design, multiple floodway modifications, and environmental permits for the North Carolina Constructors Design/Build Team.

Wake County North Regional Library

Sungate was the site consultant responsible for the site design, site utilities, landscape design and all related stormwater quality management devices, including, bioretention areas, stormwater wetland and level spreaders. The firm also designed an underground detention system below the proposed parking lot as part of the stormwater management system for the site. Sungate provided construction drawings, permitting and construction administration to Clearscapes, PA (prime consultant) for the implementation of the new regional library. Project completion was January 2007. This project was awarded the 2007 Sir Walter Raleigh Community Appearance Award for the Institutional Category.

US 601 Widening Design/Build

This $54 Million Design/Build Project consists of widening US 601 from a two lane road to a four lane divided highway. The project is approximately 11 miles long and extends from just north of the South Carolina state line to just south of Monroe, NC. The project included replacement of an existing 6-barrel box culvert with a single span bridge. Two bottomless culverts were also constructed due to the abundance of bedrock in the stream beds. As a part of the Blythe Design/Build team, Sungate provided hydraulic design, sediment and erosion control design, and environmental permits.

Saxapahaw Rivermill Renovations

The Saxapahaw Rivermill is a restored Cotton Mill and Dye House on the banks of the Haw River located in Saxapahaw, NC. Sungate, as the project’s civil sub-consultant to Clearscapes, PA, provided site design and plan documentation for demolition, site plan grading and drainage, erosion control, site utilities, and landscape design improvements for the project site. Sungate provided stormwater quality and quantity management with Best Management Practices (BMPs) that included wet detention basins, stormwater flow-through planters, stormwater runnels, and bioretention areas.

US 17 Washington Bypass Design/Build

As a part of the Flatiron-United Joint Venture Design Build team, Sungate completed drainage design and permitting for this $192 million project. This contract was the largest amount ever awarded by NCDOT. Sungate worked closely with NCDOT, NCDENR, and the Design Build Contractor to produce drainage design and environmental permits in an abbreviated time span to meet project deadlines. Sungate was also involved in value engineering of the design to help reduce the project cost. The highlight of this project consists of a 3 mile bridge that spans the Tar River and adjacent wetlands. The bridge will be constructed using two state of the art truss cranes that will utilize “top down” construction nearly eliminating disturbance of the underlying wetlands.

Weaver Street Improvements

Weaver Street is a main thoroughfare for the Town of Carrboro. The street’s pavement structure was failing and needed to be replaced. The street also was void of any storm drainage systems. Sungate, as a prime consultant, provided site design, stormwater design, sewer and water utility design and coordination, construction drawings, and construction administration for the reconstruction of five blocks of Weaver Street.

NC Wildlife Resources Commission Administrative Headquarters and Education Center Site

Sungate provided site design, construction drawings, BMP designs, planting design and installation utilizing native plant species, environmental permitting and construction administration to Williard Ferm Architects, PA. (prime consultant) for the implementation of the new administrative headquarters and education center on NC State’s Centennial Campus. Project was completed in September 2005. This project was awarded the 2006 Sir Walter Raleigh Community Appearance Award for the Institutional Category. NCSU frequently uses the award winning site as an example during student and professional education tours.

Yates Mill County Park

Yates Mill County Park is a 147 acre County park consisting of an Office/Education & Research Center, parking, walkways, boardwalks, historic mill and millyard, amphitheater, and trails that have been designed and constructed in multiple phases beginning in 2000. Sungate, as the principal design firm for the majority of the phases, has performed field data collection, site analysis, site design, hydraulic analyses, construction drawings, permitting, BMP designs and construction administration to Wake County for the implementation of the Park’s multiple phases. Sungate was the sub-consultant responsible for the site design to Williard Ferm Architects (prime consultant) for Phase Four, which was the design and construction of the Office/Education & Research Center. The park’s program design elements required Sungate to address stormwater quality and management, preserve wildlife habitat, conserve the unique natural and historic areas of the park and provide pedestrian accessibility. Sungate’s association with planning, design and construction of additional park components remains ongoing.

NCDOT Hydraulic Design Projects

Bridge Replacement Projects – Sungate has completed over 500 Bridge Replacement Projects across North Carolina including all 14 Divisions. Sungate’s typical scope of work for bridge replacement projects includes drainage design, Bridge Survey Report (BSR), scour analysis, hydraulic modeling, FEMA coordination, Stormwater Management Plan, and environmental permit drawings.

Urban/Rural/Rail Projects – Sungate has completed hydraulic designs for hundreds of NCDOT projects including interstates, expressways, urban curb and gutter roads, rural highways, and rail projects.

Design-Build Projects – Sungate has been a member of six teams awarded design-build projects.

  • R-2547 (US 64 Knightdale Bypass – Wake County)
  • I-4401 (I-40 Widening – Buncombe County)
  • R-2510B (US 17 Washington Bypass – Beaufort County)
  • R-2616 (US 601 Widening – Union County)
  • U-3412 (MLK Blvd – Union County)
  • U-2925 (Salem Creek Connector – Forsyth County)

Sediment and Erosion Control Projects

Sediment and erosion control is a continuously evolving process that requires understanding and incorporation of construction methods and phasing, hauling roads, existing and proposed drainage patterns, and effective erosion control measures. Sungate is very familiar with NCDENR Land Quality Section standards along with NCDOT methodologies for sediment and erosion control design. Sungate has extensive experience with completing designs in Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs), Design Standards in Sensitive Watersheds (15A NCAC 04B.0124), and streams designated as Trout waters.

  • NCDOT Projects: R-2915A, B, and D, U-2519CB, U-2925, U-4910
  • NCDENR LQS Projects – Leesville Road Widening, Green Level West Widening, Church Street Sidewalk Project

Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling Projects

Sungate has professional expertise in all phases of basin studies and flood studies from data collection, evaluation and analysis, public participatory process, conceptual design, environmental permitting, hydraulic studies, site design and engineering, permitting and approval, construction documentation and project administration. All of the firm’s professional engineers have extensive experience with FEMA floodway modifications, HEC-2 and HEC-RAS backwater modeling software, as well as HEC-HMS and HydroCAD hydrologic modeling software. Below are a few projects Sungate has completed:

  • Studies for the Town of Holly Springs, NC – Sungate has completed basin studies and flood studies encompassing most of the Town’s jurisdiction including Remington Subdivision, Gable Ridge Drainage Basin, Winward Pointe Subdivision, Somerset Drainage Basin, and several other basins.
  • Hanson Quarry Study – Sungate modeled the potential impacts to flood elevations on Crabtree Creek based on converting the quarry to a flood control structure.
  • Lower Neuse River Greenway Flood Studies – Sungate analyzed crossings at 11 FEMA Detailed Study locations along the Neuse River and Crabtree Creek and provided Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMRs) and subsequent Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs).

Stream Restoration and Enhancement Projects

Sungate teams with local environmental firms and mitigation banks to complete designs for stream restoration and enhancement projects. Sungate provides detailed construction plans, GEOPAK horizontal and vertical alignments, 3D corridor modeling and proposed TIN development, hydraulic modeling, shear stress and sediment transport analysis, FEMA coordination, sediment and erosion control design including construction phasing plan, and permitting.